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Country: Russia
Languages: Russian, English

Member since: 09 May 2023
Last activity: 28 May 2023

My name is Ludmila. I live in Moscow. My profession is related to working with dogs. I am in the business of helping people get pedigrees for their pets. My life has been closely connected with dogs since childhood. There were also horses in it. I went in for equestrian sports, I had my own horse of the Russian trotting breed. I don't care for horses anymore and can't keep a dog. My pet is Evie the ferret.

My passion for the last three years is dancing. I work in various areas. I can spend in the dance hall for 5 hours in a row. I also like to draw, I love beautiful photos, I love Tarot cards.

I like postcards, stickers, bookmarks, etc.
- Dancing, ballet
- Norway
- Autumn
- Scandinavian and Slavic mythology
- Gothic, vampires, dark tales of Tim Burton, mysticism
- Cemetery
- M.A. Bulgakov
- S.A. Yesenin
- A little prince
- The Picture of Dorian Grey
- Lord of the Rings
- The Chronicles of Narnia
- Over the Garden Wall
- Good Omens
- Animals (especially dogs, horses, foxes, ferrets, guinea pigs)
- I love Halloween
- Of the musicians, I like Amy Winehouse. I will be grateful if you send something related to her or her song Back to Black
- Cowboys on horseback
- Vampire: The Masquerade

I will be glad for any surprise in my mailbox))

Sorry, I do not speak english well. Please write in capital letters

P.S. Please, NO politics! Thank you!
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