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Profile Izzypanda
Surprises sent: 5
Surprises received: 4
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Country: United States of America
Languages: English, Spanish (minimal)

Member since: 27 September 2021
Last activity: 08 January 2022
I am a quirky, passionate, loving woman who absolutely adores Happy Mail in all forms! I have many hobbies, mostly craft-oriented, and I tend to cycle through them. A FEW of them are: knitting, sewing, papercrafting, Bullet Journaling, watching YOUTUBE, collaging, Junk Journals, and geneaology. I am an open book, and love conversing. Please feel free to ask/send me anything. I will do my best to return the kindness post haste! I don't really get to travel, and would love to learn about your corner of the world and who you are. <3

*I'm making a wedding junk journal, and would appreciate anything wedding/love themed. :) Bonus points if you find something that DOESN'T say "Mr. and Mrs." or "Groom and Bride", as we are a non-traditional couple. <3 Thanks!!*

I have asthma, so please do not send anything scented. And I do not want anything religious. Aside from that, I'm pretty open! I cannot take a lot of international pals because of postage. But if you feel that we click really well, please message, and I'll do my best. <3 I am open to frequent letters, as well as more spaced out letters. I do my best to reply as quickly as possible!
Last 10 surprises sent
25 November 2021
05 January 2022
41 days
United States of America
15 October 2021
02 December 2021
47 days
United States of America
17 October 2021
01 December 2021
45 days
17 October 2021
22 November 2021
35 days
United States of America
27 September 2021
15 October 2021
18 days
Last 10 surprises received
United States of America
04 December 2021
30 December 2021
25 days
United States of America
03 December 2021
19 December 2021
15 days
United States of America
08 December 2021
19 December 2021
10 days

United States of America
16 October 2021
28 November 2021
42 days
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