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Country: Italy
Member since: 13 February 2018
Last activity: 16 March 2018
My name is Valentina, I'm 27, from Italy! I live in Lecco, near Milan in north Italy.
I speak italian, Spanish, English, Arabic and learning German and Japanese.
My passion are: travelling, listening music (heavy metal), reading books and manga, learning languages and cultures and playing with PC (World of Warcraft).
I really really love Harry Potter world ♥️

Send me that you want:
-- I collect all about Harry Potter and vintage style (stickers, cards, stamps,..)
- cards (cats, fastasy, vintage, cavalier king)
- bookmarks
- tea bags
- stamps
- tickets
- letter when you tell me something about yourself
- something about Japan

My profile on is Valentina90
Write me in English, Italian, Spanish and German :)

*Please write the date, your name and something in your language :)

Greetings from Italy!! Saluti dall'Italia
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