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Profile sillymeg
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Country: Japan
Languages: Japanese, English

Member since: 24 November 2022
Last activity: 22 April 2023
Hi there,
My name is Megumi. I live in a small town near the one of the famous hot spring in Japan.
I’m new to here.

I like to write letters, watch movies and TV, read some books, play games(Nintendo Switch), go for a walk, zoo, aquarium, park, museum. I like animals, flowers, nature. I also like oceans, seas, beaches.

I’m so happy to receive your surprise so I’m glad whatever you send to me but here’s some wishlist.
But it’s just a list. Please feel free to send me whatever you want. Please make me surprise!

-I’m huge fan of old classic Winnie the Pooh. So, anything related classic Pooh makes me big smile!
-I like frog and hedgehog.
-I’m collecting key rings, magnets, pens.
-I like to see brochures about zoo, aquarium, museum, park and city map.
-I love to drink black tea, not flavored tea.
-I like church, cathedral, chapel, castle, railway station, train, subway, bus, ropeway, monorail, trum.

I am so sorry but I’m not good at English. I can’t read cursive letters. So, please don’t write in cursive if you can. But I’m so much happy if you send me your handwriting letter.

Thank you so much for reading all my profile.
Have a beautiful day!
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