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Country: Canada
Languages: English, French

Member since: 18 November 2020
Last activity: 06 October 2021
Hello from Cathy Graham in rural Ottawa, Ontario, the capitol city of Canada.

I am 61 and live with my family out near cows and cornfields in a small village with a busy highway running through it. I have two cats.

I love snail mail and have really enjoyed doing more of it during the pandemic to stay connected with people around the world since so much of our lives has been disrupted. I enjoy Postcrossing and Swap-bot so thought I'd try this Surprise site, too.

Usually I sing in a choir and play flute in various groups but not this year unfortunately. I also love travelling but haven't done any of that either. Some day. Sigh.

I also adore creative writing, photography, reading, movies, going for walks and doing snail mail.

These things keep are really helping keep my spirits up during the pandemic. I look forward to sending mail and receiving mail, too.

I love the idea of the surprises. I don't like to send huge heavy parcels as I don't like giving all my money to Canada Post but sending light flat mail surprises like cards, bookmarks, stickers, etc sounds like great fun. Bring it on!

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