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Country: China
Languages: Chinese, English

Member since: 30 August 2023
Last activity: 20 February 2024
Hello! My name is Lucy from Shanghai,China.
A little bit about myself:
I am a senior student, studying e-commerce.
Enjoy doing crafts,writing calligraphy, reading books, poetries and so on.
Snooker and Bridge are my favorite foreign sport events.I was the captain of the girls' bridge team of my district. If you have sth about Bridge, maybe you can send it to me!
Fan of League of Legends S9, 10 Team FPX

If possible, I would like to receive these postcards(and maybe other things related)
•Maximum card
•stained-glass windows
•collection of similar elements on a single postcard
•Hand-drawn illustrations with text
•watercolor postcard
• Music Score
•Postcards with interesting games
•Shaun the Sheep
•subject (like chemistry, physics…)
•Special plant,flowers,animals,clothes,food in your area
• Extremely complex
•Fairy tales, Disney princess especially mermaids
•Narrative, storytelling
•World Famous College,heritage
•pen ink
•Sherlock Holmes(or any postcard about《Sherlock)
•《Harry Potter》,please!
•Spiderman,Iron man.
•Detective Conan,Card Captor Sakura,Doraemon
•BLACKPINK(love lalisa!)
•Jang Won Young(forever young(´ε` )♡)
•Classic film
•Fesitival in their time
Space,Rainbow,Mushroom, Blue Morpho, Shiba Inu, Lolita, musical instrument, fantasy virtual world, clock, Alice in Wonderland, ballet, gemstone
• special material postcard
• 3DStereo postcards
•with UV glitter(really love~)
•gold or silver stamping;gold blocking

Avoid AD, political, erotic cards please.

If you're going to write a letter for me you but can't think of a topic, I have the following suggestions:
Anything about you and your country
Your favorite books, movies, anime, games.
How do you store postcard?
Where have you traveled?
What interesting thing happened?
Have you ever been to meet up?
What's the most amazing mail you've ever received?
What interests do you have and what results have you achieved?
Do you know anything about my country?

Maybe other things if convenient,thanks a lot!
Coins and bank note
Refrigerator magnet
beautiful special stamps
Colorful ink(sample)
perfume (sample)
Nice writing paper and envelope
Beautiful bird feathers
Beautiful tapes and stickers
Delicate little stones,bottle
Used tickets
Fabric art

Last but not least,If you are good at drawing(especially watercolor! I once received a watercolor sketch, and I really appreciate it!)designing or crafting, your nice homemade work is also very welcome! I think this is my most enjoyable surprise!

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to seeing your surprise in my mailbox soon!
Warmest regards from China!

Miss JiaYi Lu
Room 501 Building 14
No.451 Yanchang Lu
JingAn District
200072 Shanghai
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