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Country: Germany
Languages: German, English

Member since: 16 March 2021
Last activity: 16 May 2021
Hello everybody,

I made this site for my son.
He will turn 18 (the 18th birthday is a special birthday in Germany) on January 24, 2022.
For some time now I've been thinking about what I can give him for his 18th birthday ...
I want to do something special for his birthday.
Luca is a dear, helpful person who is open and nice to other people.

And then this idea came to me:
I would like to create an album for him with birthday greetings, wishes and lots of great little things from around the world.

So please send your birthday wishes and greetings as well as great little surprises for him.

Here are a few tips on which topics he likes and loves:
- Japan
-Mangas and Animes (Ride-On King, Seven Deadly Sins ...)
- Pokemon
- Star Wars
- Animals (Luca loves animals - cats, dogs, mice ...)
- Computer games (Minecraft ....)
- Playstation 5
- Comics / Cartoons (Garfield, Donald Duck ...)
- Roman history
- FC Bayern

You can send whatever you want, everything is welcome and is affectionately glued into the album. What doesn't fit into the album is put in a nice box, which he then gets on his birthday.

Here are a few suggestions:
- Congratulations on slips of paper, stationery or postcard (a few words in your language with translation)
- Postcards
- Sticker
- Coins
- Stamps
- Magnets
- Sweets that last a little longer
- Napkins
- Pencils
- Photos
- Tea
- and your surprises (everything that comes from the heart is welcome)

Luca didn't always have it easy and there are really mean people.
But I would like to show him how many wonderful people there are who don't know you but still want to make you happy.

Thank you for taking the time and helping me to make a nice surprise for Luca.
My name is written on the address so that Luca doesn't hear anything.

I'm sorry for my not so good English.
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