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Profile Khrapovik
Surprises sent: 7
Surprises received: 3
Surprises in progress: 1

Country: United Kingdom
Languages: English, Basic Русский

Member since: 03 October 2022
Last activity: 08 January 2023
I have a degree in Visual Communications (illustration and design) and have worked in healthcare and education. I am also a published author in fiction horror and sci-fi.

I am interested in nature, art, travel, animation / cartoons, architecture, medicine / healthcare, sci-fi, film / movies, and history.

I like stickers and teas, and I am happy to send some out, too!

Anything with words, I can use to learn more foreign languages! :)

But of course, anything you might want to send would be lovely! :)

I enjoy all kinds of cartoons, but my personal favourite was always Transformers, haha! :)

I am also very interested in learning languages, and I love learning words or phrases in any other languages!

I am currently self-studying German and Russian to better communicate with some of my friends who are native speakers, but I would be happy to learn any words or phrases in any other languages as well. :)

I hope you have a lovely day!

Thank you very much! / Большое спасибо! / Danke vielmals!
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22 December 2022
02 March 2023
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25 January 2023
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14 January 2023
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United States of America
03 October 2022
30 October 2022
26 days
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United States of America
28 December 2022
08 January 2023
11 days
United States of America
21 December 2022
01 January 2023
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21 November 2022
09 December 2022
18 days
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