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Profile Katelin
Surprises sent: 5
Surprises received: 3
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Country: Russia
Languages: Russian, English, Italian

Member since: 27 October 2019
Last activity: 22 January 2020
Hi! My name is Katya, I`m 33 and I live in Kirov town.
I work as a programmer and I absolutely in love with my job. I love many different things - like reading, sports (weightlifting is my love for last 3 years), learning something new (languages, sciense, psychology - there is so many interesting things in the world!)
I will be very happy to receive a surprise from you, because surprise is the best thing in the world :)

Some ideas for you:
- bookmarks (I love to read)
- free AD cards from any coffee houses
- metro/subway map/tickets
- any stickers (no 3d stickers please)
- anything with VW Camper bus, Wonder Woman, Marvel, Star wars
- any used stamps
- some words from you, maybe a letter in english or italian.
- any postcards - standard, mini or shape - doesn't matter, any unwritten postcards, but no touristic, please.

I love music and always happy to discover new kind of music. Сan you write me a any songs you are listening to right now or your favorite songs? I'll be glad to listen to it when I get your mail.

Thank you so much!

♥ Be happy and share your smile with the world! ♥
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