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Country: United States of America
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Member since: 25 September 2021
Last activity: 29 November 2021
Hi. I am new to this site, but I have been a mail artist for 20+ years using rubber stamps and collage (both digital and cut and paste) and use my art to make postcards, greeting cards, little books and other things to make the mail more interesting. I am happy to send art, but I also have stickers and other goodies to pass out like Halloween candy. If you will let me know what sorts of things you like, I will do my best try to match your interests. I am into astronomy and anything space related, vintage art and images, aliens, Bigfoot and other strange creatures and old time movie monsters show up in my art and people will send me random things related to these (which I love), Star Trek and anything science fiction, anything related to the mail itself, vintage art from comic strips and animation like Brownies or Kiliban cats, pets and dinosaurs. My husband and I make all sorts of miniature scenes--if you like this too I will include one of our scenes. I appreciate poetry, rock/folk music, and nature photography and weird places to travel to--happy to find my adventures and appreciate yours. I am not picky on what I receive and just enjoy having postal fun. See you in the mail soon.
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