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Country: Russia
Languages: Endlish, Español, Русский

Member since: 03 February 2023
Last activity: 13 May 2023
Hello to everyone!

My name is Rina, I’m from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I’m crafty person, I like hand made and vintage things, flowers and all things about nature, art and architecture, journaling and collaging (mostly in my personal handmade junk journal). Also I love to travel and visit new places, go to picnics, museums and galleries; to watch movies and tv series and to read books.
I practice modern calligraphy, collect postage stamps, make journals and soy candles.

I’d love to explore local culture of your country by any paper stationary goodies, stickers, newspaper pieces, old book pages, washi tape samples, museum postcards or flyers, maps, tickets, junk mail, advertising brochures, subway maps and other cute paper ephemera.

If you ask me about postcards, I prefer written ones:) So please leave a little note to me or be creative and draw/collage/decorate postcard any way you want. You may write about yourself, your hobbies, your favorite movie/series/song etc. Don’t forget to put your name/username, date and city/country on the postcard ;)

Here are some of my preferences / favorite themes (but I’ll be happy to get anything you choose for me):
unicorns, mermaids, Hayao Miyazaki creations, Sailor Moon anime, flowers and botanical illustrations, folk motives of your nation, avocado, woman (-en) reading, woman (-en) with cup of tea, oil paintings / reproductions (especially women portraits, still life with fruits or flower bouquets, sea views, modern art), cute and kind illustrations, strange weird girls illustrations, mythical creatures / fairytales…

❗️ Some countries can’t send mail to Russia (USA, for example), as well as Russia can’t send mail to some countries. To be sure we can swap, please check your postal service site or Postal Monitor on postcrossing(dot)com site.

I’ll appreciate if you would NOT send any military, sports, political, religion or alcohol related things.

⚠️ Please do NOT send anything except paper things. Tea bags, magnets, sweets, key chains etc. are very cute! But according to Russian Post rules, it may be deleted from the letter or even whole envelope returned to the sender

Happy mailing!

PS. I’m interested in direct swaps. Please let me know if you’d like to swap with me :)
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