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Country: Russia
Languages: russian, english, simple german and spanish

Member since: 04 November 2021
Last activity: 28 October 2023
Hi there! I'm Eugenia. Beeing honest I don't understand when and how, but snailmail - sending and receiving both - became a part of my life. I had some foreign penpals at school cuz our teacher recommended it for language practice. In 2015 I joined to postcrossing. And now, in 2021, I'm here) hope it'll be great postal experience)

Originally I'm siberian but I live in Kaliningrad last two years. So many places I haven't seen here yet... That's why I spend my weekends traveling inside region and exploring interesting places of ex-Prussia. My favourite place is the Baltic spit; I love this severe beauty of the cold sea, winds and almost an abandoned place at the most west point of country. And ships, of course!

Other five days of week I work as a fire safety engineer, drink a lot of coffee and listen to music (rock, metal, punk and sometimes rap), audio books or podcasts (linguistics, psychology, history... I found amazing podcast about II WW recently). It would be nice of you to recommend me something new to listen

I have a dream to visit North Europe countries ( esp. Sweden and Finland) when COVID crisis will end. Waiting for it I learn - ok, trying to learn - swedish. If you're native (or not) speaker or your native language is similar to swedish, please write something in it.

Always welcome:
- postcards;
- calendars;
- stickers;
- magnets;
- smtng about the place you live;
- tea bags...
and your messages, of course)


p.s. Special thanks for rock-themed stuff. I still hope to collect all metal-themed stamps from Finland but my collection started from (and finished at) "The Rasmus" stamp
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