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Profile Fwetgwa
Surprises sent: 31
Surprises received: 34
Surprises in progress: 0

Country: Canada
Languages: Français, english

Member since: 01 March 2022
Last activity: 01 June 2023
Hello, I am French Canadian. I come from a small village called Dégelis, in Quebec. I moved around a lot during my studies and finally settled in the beautiful region of Estrie, Quebec.

I live in a village of 700 people with my spouse. We own a house with a large field, so that my dogs can run free. We haven't had the chance to have children, so our dogs are our family.

My passion is the discovery of countries and different cultures. I love to travel. I first toured my beautiful country, Canada. I made a few visits to the United States, then to France, Cuba, Brazil and Morocco. I hope to visit more soon!

So my hobby is to make travel journal!

I would like to receive postcards, images, anything for journaling (ex. paper, stamps, washi, ribbon, note, etc. ) I love fantastics images, watercolor.

As I like to discover, I would be happy if you wrote me a note in your native language. I don't have the ability to learn a language easily, but when I travel, my favorite pastime is to sit at a cafe and listen to people talking, even if I don't understand !

I also like to photography, to knit, to sew, scrapbook, gardenind, cooking... I like everything that I can use me hand!


I am open to any PC. As mentioned, I like to discover new places, artists. For illustrated PCs, I have a penchant for whimsical images, such as fairies, witches, magic, imaginary animals, etc. I love everything that has to do with Halloween and Christmas, even though it's not the season. I also like the Maxi Cards

I collect Unesco World Heritage Site.

I prefer to receive the postcards in an envelope, unwritten and unstamped.

Scrapbooking and stationary

I don't know why, but I love all things paper! Whether it is paper for scrapbooking or for stationery (letter paper, envelope, note card, journal cards, greeting card, memo note, etc.)

I also love almost all sorts of embellishments (except buttons and pins).

I'm not capricious, I'm going to love it!


I don't like food, tea bags, money, pins, buttons. Save these goodies for someone who will appreciate!

I can't wait to receive your surprise ! Thanks a lot!
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