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Country: United States of America
Languages: German, English

Member since: 05 October 2021
Last activity: 10 March 2023
Hi! We are mother and daughter that love to aend and receive surprises in the mail.

I'm a herbalist and Master Gardener.

My daughter loves to draw, loves to learn about other countries and places.

that would love to receive:

Written touristy non religious postcards, for
My daughter (Eliana) please write in German if you can
Something about your country, town, traditions would be lovely. What do kids like to play with where you live?
Please no random or empty cards - the personal touch is very important for us as well as the tourist theme.

Coins and (used) stamps from your country for my daughter

book suggestions for our Little Free Library

Gently used books in English for our Little Free Library

gently used kids books or magazines in German for my daughter

Gently used CDs in German language for my daughter. She loves singing and learned a lot of German while listening to songs.

Any surprise from Germany!

Anything that shows your country, is special for your country/place/town. It's always interesting to see things from other places and learn about the world that way. It could be as simple as a feather from a local bird or writing a bit about your countries traditions, example if it's spring tell us a bit about spring holidays or traditions.

Washi and stickers for my daughter

Your homegrown seeds or seeds in general,
Heirloom and non GMO. We both love seeds and also have a seed LFL. Please add your garden stories! Always love to hear from other gardeners

Penpals for my daughter age 5-8

Touristy non religious fridge magnets, especially love with a real picture of a place. It's such a nice way to see something about other places or countries.

December wrapped holiday surprise, wrapped birthday surprise 3/23 (mom) 5/25 eliana

Seasonal neutral outdoor decorations (like just for the seasons, nothing holiday related please)

PLEASE address both of us, as we work on sending mail together, we also want to receive mail together.

If you are from Germany/German speaking please write in German only.

Seeds must be bagged and protected well, so they wont get destroyed, as well as tagged/have their nameson, especially with mixes. Otherwise no one knows how to grow them!!
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