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Country: Netherlands
Languages: Dutch, English

Member since: 01 July 2020
Last activity: 04 August 2020
Hi there!

My name is Esther and I'm 24 years old. I'm a religious studies student. This means that I study all kinds of different religions (as objectively as possible) with multipe disciplines, like psychology or history. My hobbies are reading and going on hikes.

- Nature
- Fairytales/mythology
- Your culture
- Animals (espacially dogs, wolves, or baby animals)
- Castles
- Ruins
- Vintage or retro
- Mystical creatures (fairies, mermaids, trolls, etc.)
- Your religion
- Other (older) religion from your region.
- Folk story/myth
- Books
- People with tattoo's

Would be lovely if you write something. (On the card or in a letter.)

are welcome as well. Please write as clear as you possible can. Any subjects from above are good. Writing about your day, dreams, passion, poetry, or how you are trying to make this world a tiny bit better, would be nice.

I also like stickers, if you want to send some. Or maybe some tiny religious objects, poetry, or black tea.

For the rest, if you can't think of anything: surprise me! :)

My postcrossing account: EstherIJ

I am curious about your surprise! Thank you!
Have a good day
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