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Country: United States of America
Languages: English

Member since: 25 October 2023
Last activity: 28 November 2023
Hello! My name is Sherry and I live in California. I'm on a few stamp and postcard exchange sites and I get such a thrill doing those I thought why not try mail exchange. My hobbies include stamp collecting, exchanging postcards, listening to music, and photography. Photography is probably one my life's greatest loves.

I like:
- postcards (new unused and old used, about anything really but preferably where you are from)
- stamps (I'm a collector and I love old stamps)
- maxicards
- stickers (nothing cutesy or childish please)
- used train/metro tickets
- vintage/old paper products (letters, business cards, advertisements, photos)
- art (could be your art, a local artist's, a well known artist's [big fan of Van Gogh, Monet, Klimt, and Hopper], an original, or a reprint)
- personal notes (if you want to write me something I love to receive it, could be a poem or a letter or whatever, I love seeing other people's handwriting)
- if you are a fellow photographer, I would be honored to receive prints of your work if you want to share them

Thematically I like:
space, jellyfish, hummingbirds, dogs, architecture, landscapes, flora, lighthouses, ferris wheels, metro systems, Snoopy, Scooby Doo, Pride & Prejudice, the Princess Bride, Harry Potter (hate JKR tho), and Back to the Future.

I will ultimately be very happy to receive anything you wish to mail me. All I ask is that you refrain from sending me anything religious or anything with clowns (they terrify me) and don't send seeds as they may end up being confiscated.
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20 November 2023
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25 October 2023
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United States of America
25 October 2023
09 November 2023
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09 November 2023
24 November 2023
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