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Profile mishmil
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Country: Russia
Languages: Russian, English

Member since: 25 May 2023
Last activity: 13 December 2023

My name is Mila, I am fond of needlework, I make bouquets of food and toys, figures from balloons, wedding accessories, I collect LOZ figures, I draw on clothes
Recently I've fallen in love with Korean culture, music, drams, and I'm learning Korean a little
I like to watch detective stories, thrillers, documentaries, listen to true-crime podcasts :)
I read manga, watch anime, love cartoons from different countries
I can't live a day without music, I listen to different directions, because the main thing is that the melody penetrates the soul

I will be glad to receive from you an envelope with any content, because each of them contains a piece of your soul :)

But there are also preferences:
Postcards love these topics:
- ladies in hats
-amusement parks
-couples in love, especially during the 70s-90s
-Disney, Pixar
- works by Tim Burton
-k-pop, k-dramas
- anime
- people with tattoos
-abstract, strange, unusual and even frightening illustrations

If you have old black and white photos and you are ready to share them, I will be very happy! It fascinates me to look at black and white photos, they contain so much beauty
I will also be glad to see your photo, a ticket from the theater or cinema, or maybe a ticket from the subway
Stickers, dried flowers, scrapbooking paper, sheet music ... in general, give free rein to your imagination!)

With warmth, Mila
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