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Profile marielovesmail
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Country: United States of America
Languages: English

Member since: 27 July 2021
Last activity: 08 September 2021
Hello! My name is Marie and I am a long time postal enthusiast. I love everything postal related. I collect postcards but I prefer ones that are sent "naked" instead of in an envelope as I believe that is part of their mission and their story.

I also collect watermelons, rubber ducks, and my all time favorite movie is Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal. I think I was a gelfling in a past life. I recently got really into K-Dramas.

I am also an avid sewist and crafter. I do decos and sometimes ATCs.

My birthday is in August so anything birthday related during August would put a sure smile on my face!

For the most part I am a very easy going person as I love mail, mostly I love sending!
Last 10 surprises sent
28 July 2021
29 October 2021
93 days
United States of America
28 July 2021
03 August 2021
5 days
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United States of America
04 August 2021
08 September 2021
35 days
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