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Country: Australia
Languages: English

Member since: 27 September 2020
Last activity: 02 January 2022
Hi! Nice to meet you.

You will usually find me with a book in my hand. I read mostly crime-mystery, fantasy, adventure and sci-fi novels. I also love reading about local myths and legends. For the last three years I have slowly been reading the classics and have got into audiobooks (mostly of plays). My other hobbies are collecting stamps and writing letters.

Some ideas for things to send me would be
- bookmarks
- letter sheets and envelopes
- washi tape
- stickers or sticker flakes
- anything related to books specially fairy tales, folklore, myths and legends
- pens
- maps
- postage stamps from 2000 onwards
- colourful or patterned paper for crafting
- tea, chocolate drink or coffee
- small souvenir from your country
- mini books
- postcards
- vintage sheet music or ephemera for journaling
- Pokémon trading cards (for my children)

Please don’t send me make-up samples or anything scented because I have allergies. Also, Australia Post/Customs is strict with mail and (except for tea) will not accept any food or animal products and plant material.

A short note included in your surprise would be most welcome! Different languages interest me and it would be great if you could write in your own language (with transalation of course).

Looking forward to receiving your mail.
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