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Country: Turkey
Languages: English and Turkish

Member since: 30 September 2020
Last activity: 08 May 2021

I work as a research assistant at university and My field is social psychology. I am doing my PhD. I would love to know headlines of news in your country and I would appreciate any item about psychology.

I live with 2 cats currently but it differs sometimes, I have been/am a foster home for kitties :) I Love everything about cats :)))

I collect cards,stamps,magnets and coins. You can send me happy mails/snailmails with these items. You can always add some stickers in :))) I would really appreciate any blank Blue Cats, Dolotov cats and Garmashova cats cards. Coins of your country or any other country will make me very happy too.

If you like writing letters, decorating envelope, or good at any art please feel free to share :) I also like amigurumi. Anything about it will make me smile :)

I would appreciate if you can use as many stamps as possible to send your envelope :)

See you and thanks :)
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