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Profile Ceme
Surprises sent: 5
Surprises received: 5
Surprises in progress: 4

Country: Finland
Languages: Finnish, English

Member since: 17 March 2023
Last activity: 27 May 2023
I re-joined to Postcrossing in 2017, and I belong two other swapping sites as well.
I´m happy to be part of this site as well.

I adore Happy Mail; letters and swaps, postcards, pass-alongs Fbs/decos/slams/label bags (excess welcome).

* stickers (no kiddie types, please)
* stationery sheets
* washi tapes/samples
* fridge magnets
* bacpack pins
* postcards
* ephemera

So, pretty much anything I receive makes me happy. As the saying goes, is it the thought that counts. These are just to give you some inspiration and ideas - I believe the idea of the site is "surprise" after all!

I love mystical creatures (dragons, fairies) and cats, dragonflies.
I like "spooky cute" things as well.
I´m also a Whovian.
I´m introverted geek who loves books and videogames, knitting, quiet lifestyle.

My favorite games are Mass Effect(s), Dragon Age(s), Divinity: Original Sin 1 & 2, Metal: Hellsinger so anything about them would make me extra super happy, of course.

Same goes with anything about Tibetan spaniels (dog breed) - those we had in my childhood, and they will always hold special place in my heart.

Sending and receiving mail makes the world a bit better place.
Last 10 surprises sent

18 May 2023
25 May 2023
7 days

06 May 2023
17 May 2023
11 days
United States of America
31 March 2023
17 May 2023
47 days
01 April 2023
28 April 2023
26 days

17 March 2023
28 March 2023
10 days
Last 10 surprises received
United States of America
18 May 2023
27 May 2023
9 days

20 May 2023
27 May 2023
7 days
United States of America
31 March 2023
22 April 2023
21 days
United States of America
29 March 2023
19 April 2023
20 days
United States of America
01 April 2023
14 April 2023
12 days
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