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Country: Canada
Languages: Français, English, Я учу Русский

Member since: 17 November 2022
Last activity: 09 January 2023
I’m Katie and I’m from a small-ish town in Canada.
I am currently a university student in Ottawa, the capital city. I have a wonderful boyfriend, he is Russian but he lives in Slovakia now. I like reading books, writing letters and postcards, learning languages, playing sports, and lots of other things. I’m very interested in history, flags, holidays, weddings, traditions, and folklore.

I love to follow the royal families of the world and learn about their history! My favourite singer is Angèle from Belgium. My favourite series are Outlander, Russian Doll, Orange is the New Black, and The Crown. I also have an Etsy shop, which is lots of fun and it keeps me busy! :)

Another thing I love to do is travel. I have been all around North America, also to Scotland, England, Slovakia, and Austria. I can’t wait to explore as many new countries as possible in the future! Because of that, I am so excited to send and receive surprises from all over the world!

I would love to receive anything! Mail art, postcards, small souvenirs, magnets, sweets, stamps, washi tape, playlists, and photos are my favourite things to send and receive :) I am always delighted to find something in my mailbox! I am so excited to read your message!

Thank you so much for sending me a surprise! Have a wonderful day :)
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30 November 2022
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