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US Russia mail
17 Mar 2022, 18:47:57
Just a bit of information. The USA will no longer send mail to Russia. I verified this with the post office. I have a surprise to go to Russia but I can not send it.
22 Mar 2022, 06:58:50
There is a new option, "Mail restrictions". You can check this list with restrictions in the page "Mail restrictions". You can find the link in the left menu after you log in.
The USa to Russia is now in this list. If you receive an address and your post office is not accepting mail for that destination, you can add the restriction to this list and you can send me a PM with the ID of that surprise and I will cancel it. In this way it will not affect your sending limit.
23 Mar 2022, 01:50:20
Thank you makes me sad.
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