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New members?
19 Jun 2019, 17:18:20
Is this club growing? Are new members joining? I found out about this group because someone on Postcrossing mentioned it on the profile. Seems like it's a pretty small group and I wonder how many of the 100+ members listed are actually still actively sending/receiving surprises. Is it the same small subset of people over and over or are lots of people involved? I've sent a few surprises and the codes I get are all sequential as if no one else in America is participating. Are there ways we should raise awareness of this group to gain more members from all over the world?

If anyone knows the answers or has thoughts I'd be interested in hearing them.
30 Jun 2019, 09:11:24
I have some thoughts, but no real answers... Today is my first time receiving an ID to send to someone. I am sure it has to do with my settings being "send only to the US"... Prior to today, every time I tried to send a surprise, I received an error message stating there were no participating members :(

I am an active member on Swap-bot and on too- I seen this site mentioned on one of them (like you, on someone's profile page), and that's how I came across it.

So, when I am done posting this comment, I will go into my profile on both of those sites and add this one to it- that way others will see it and possibly join as well (They are obviously mail enthusiasts like us, so its the right target market!).

Short of that, and spreading the word through our current pen pal letters, I don't think there is much we can do to increase traffic...
14 Jul 2019, 18:47:03
On the ranking page you can view 86 members at this point. It's the number of members that had at least one sent and registered letter in the last 12 months.

On the first page you can view the number of active members. Now there are 35. It's the number of members that had at least one sent and registered letter in the last 3 months.

At this point most new members join after learning about this club from other members.
19 Oct 2021, 18:32:38
Now 309 members judging by "Ranking"....
I have to slow down a bit. Half of what I sent out was in big envelopes.
But the only bigger one I got back was from someone in Finland.
Will limit myself to what goes in a small envelope and is under 50 grams the next few times (it is also less postage).
But the person I sent to in Hong Kong made my day today. Seems I happened to put my address on my mail to him. Today I got a big envelope back full of postcards with vehicles on them, and some stickers.
24 Oct 2021, 12:12:10
I would be more than happy to send and receive to the same person more than once if that helps more people to send and receive.
24 Oct 2021, 12:29:19
Why does it say no new available members when I have only sent out four?
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