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Country: Australia
Languages: English

Member since: 14 October 2018
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59 yo mum to 2 & grandmum to 3. I ❤ to travel esp. my beloved Pacific to go on Diving & Volcano treks. I'm retired now from a stressful career and I am a Brain Tumour Fighter/Survivor. I live in a VERY remote coastal wilderness area: pop: 50. I've a 85 km round trip to my Post Office which I make once a week :-) I have a tame but still wild Wallaby (small type of Kangaroo) as a pet and her name is 'Carrots'. You can see her and my home (cut and paste the following links):

I ❤ archaeology,earth sciences, ❤ Volcanoes, Medieval History,Genealogy, Symbology, Esoteric Philosophy & Gnosis (γνῶσις, gnôsis), Photography, ISLANDS, SCUBA, SNORKEL,SHARK dives, OCEAN PROTECTION.

My mail/journal art:

My own 'museum':

I love to collect postcards and I have a huge collection on specific subjects. You can see them here:

I LOVE LOVE postcards of islands and volcanoes the most!

But because of my art journaling and collage art, I love bits of paper, stickers, ephemera, anything to do with art journaling, old postage stamps anything goes. I also love rubber stamping. I love washi tape, old photo's. I always write with a fountain pen so I love inks and ink cartridges.

I do adore mail art. So if you wish to decorate your envelope - by all means do so. All of my envelopes that go out are mail art as well OR in beautiful Australian First day of issue covers :-)

The only thing I totally dislike and have a complete & deep rooted phobia about is: cats, clowns and spiders and ultra cute things. Please do not send anything like that!

(p.s. Please do not send food or food samples, coins/money)

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