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Country: Russia
Languages: english, russian

Member since: 04 March 2021
Last activity: 02 July 2021
Hello! My name is Irina, i live in Moskovski . This is s small town, near Moscow :). In Moscow I work as a courier, delivering documents to different addresses, usually courts, tax offices, offices.
Together with me live three cats, their names are Eva, Philip and Seraphim and they are very funny.:)
I love books very much, I read a lot and I like different genres : detective stories, classics, fantasy, comics. I like very much books Sebastien de Castell, Marissa Meyer, James Rollins, Robert Galbraith , Bernard Werber, Christelle Dabos, Jo Nesbø., Stephen King. I also love taking pictures of streets, nature, and animals.

I have no particular preferences in what kind of postcards I would like to receive from you. So you can send anything you like :)

But I am interested in viewes of your city, and any animals, Especially like bears, horses, ponies, cats, tigers, snow leopards, lions ( and other types of cats), whales, foxes, wolves, elephants, squirrels, ducks, capybaras, dogs, bridges, lighthouses, national costumes. I also like ships, trains, trams, maps, sunsets, the sea, books and dinosaurs, deer and dragons, elves, castles. I like the work of Sven Nordqvist (especially Petson and Findus) and Torben Kuhlmann

movie and cartoon characters, famous personalities : Joy Adamson, Walt Disney and cartoons, The pink panther, the Simpsons, Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Hayao Miyazaki (Totoro, Cat Bus and others), Sailor Moon, Candy Candy, Godzilla movies, Alien, the moomin trolls

TV series "Once Upon a Time", "La Casa de papel", "ALF", "
Pirates of the Caribbean, The Fast and the Furious

But if your present is on a completely different topic, then it is also good, I will be happy in any case! :)

I would also be very interested to know a few words about you - what is your name, how old are you, who do you work for and what hobbies do you have, do you have children or pets, do you live in a big city or a small village)
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