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Country: Italy
Languages: Italian, English

Member since: 12 April 2021
Last activity: 12 April 2021
Hello, I'm Elisa from Italy. I live in Rome where I work in a craft beer bar in the center of the city, but I come from the south of Italy, a little town near Lecce.
I have many many hobbies: cooking, knitting, crochet, spinning yarn, listening to music, watching series, playing with my cats, taking care of my succulents, practicing martial arts and mermaiding, playing ukulele and kalimba, drawing, recording mixtapes on musicassettes, watercolors, everything that is diy..
I collect postcards: I think they are the easiest and most simple way to deliver happiness and beauty to soneone else. So please send me a postcard that you like and write something about you, your country, your traditions.. if you want suggest me some music band of your country that I should listen to :)
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