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Country: Finland
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I'm Rita, I'm a beginner here, but I have some experience with Postcrossing. I liked this idea with envelopes, it's sooo exciting!!!

My interests are: books, movies, tv-series (my favorite are HIMYM, I love Lucy, Elementary, Sherlock, Columbo), Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who (but I watch the Third Doctor now)

I would like to get something related to:
- books,
- cozy photos and pictures,
- ships/trains/bicycles, especially in the vintage style,
- The Little Prince (in the classical style)
- animals (especially cats, foxes, deers, squirrels, but not in the funny cartoon style)
- JW.
It can be a pocket calendar, used postcard you don't need or a book. ;) I like to view maps, tourist brochures, museum tickets and, actually, your local ads, especially if it's possible to use it as a bookmark :) Also I really like pins and earrings!

But no magic, erotic and greeting cards, please! :)

You can write me a letter and we can become pen pals :)

I hope it will be really interesting! =)

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! PLEASE, DON'T SEND ANYTHING WITH A TRACKING NUMBER, IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE EU!!! I have to pay for such parcel 2,90 euro to Post and, this is the worst part, fill a customs declaration about content WITHOUT KNOWING what is in it... I don't want troubles with the customs :)
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