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Country: Italy
Languages: Italian, English

Member since: 09 May 2020
Last activity: 21 July 2020
Hello everyone!

My name is Lucrezia. I love snail mail, I love to wait and find letters in my mailbox. And I like to relax with papers and teas/herbal teas while writing.

I live in a small city near Milan, in northern Italy.

I love art, any kind. A lot! I wish I were able to draw and craft.

I love animals – especially cats. I have an old cat named Luna.

I love nerd stuff and strange and unconventional things. More unusual the better! I don’t have a favorite color neither one I particularly dislike.

I like to listen to other people's experiences and I do not consider myself as a judgmental person. I'm very curious, there is almost nothing that bored me. I am atheist but interested in religions and your religion practice – story - experiences. Just be respectful and don't try to convert me.

-I'm soo sorry for my poor English, please be patient-

Likes & Wish List:


-Handmade things.

-Teas and herbal teas.

-Something written in your mother language.

-Letters, quotes.



-Free (but interesting) postcards - Handmade postcard.

-Drawings – something draw by you (even if you are artistically challenged, like I am!).

-Photo – especially your pet.

- A (photocopied) page of the book you are reading – your favorite one. Don’t mind if not in English.

-A page of a local magazine (even free one).

I really, really love reading people’s thoughts if you want to make me happy, just write about something happened you today or share what you are thinking about. I appreciate it more than any gift. I like being surprised!

Because of health problems, please do not send me food (teas – herbal teas are fine).
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