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How many surprises must I send out before my amount to send increases?
25 Mar 2022, 23:20:44
There doesn't seem to be a "search" feature or FAQ section on here. I currently can send out 6 surprises at one time, but I'm wondering how many I have to send out before that number increases? Postcrossing lets me see what number I have to reach (of mailed and registered postcards) before my number of postcards increases. I'm currently up to 11 postcards on Postcrossing. Here I can't find out how close or how far I am from being allowed to have 7 or more surprises in the mail.

Ink Goes Wild Alaska
06 Apr 2022, 06:55:34
I will add a FAQ page in the near future. I have increased the sending limit from 6 to 7. This limit depends mainly on the number on active members. Recently I also added an incread limit of 15 for supporters. You can find details on the page "Supporters". The link is in the left menu when you are logged in.

The limits now are:
For 0 sent - limit is 2
For 1 sent - limit is 3
For 3 sent - limit is 4
For 5 sent - limit is 5
For 10 sent - limit is 6
For 20 sent - limit is 7
For supporters - limit is 15
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