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Country: United States of America
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My name is Lisa, I've always lived in Wisconsin, USA. I enjoy many things but I'm going to do an alphabet list here for everyone. I'm very into groups on facebook and websites like this one for gifting and mail. I'm into pen pals and gifting and wish granting. I'll add to this list as I think of more things.

A - animals, autumn

B - butterflies, books, baking, Blank cards, Bic multi colored markers

C - 12 x 12 calendars (even old), Christmas, cooking, chocolate, cheese flavored junk food, crystal light (fruit punch, peach mango, lemonade)

D - dogs, dragonflies, daisies

E - elephants, 80s Cartoons, Envelopes (handmade)

F - florals, friendship books, fill-in puzzle books

G - gorjuss girls

H - Halloween, Hearts, Handmade Envelopes, Hulu

I - Instant Pot, Iguanas, Icicles

J- Jess Volinski (coloring book author) and Jade Summer (coloring book author)

K - koalas, Kristi's Printables (facebook group) stationary and envelopes, kawaii

L - language learning, letters, letter sets

M - Markers (fine line water or alcohol based), Milk Chocolate

N - Netflix

O - Oranges, Owls

P - paper, paper pads, pastel colors, pens (multi-colored), postcards, pink, pandas, Panda Express, PF Chang's, postage stamps (new)

R - Recipes, recipe cards, rainbows, reading,

S - stickers, scrapbooking paper (12 x 12), sun, seasons, socks, sunflowers, strawberry, shaker bookmark supplies, Sharpies in multi colors

T - Tulips, traveling, turtles (chocolates AND the animals), Thaneeya McArdle (coloring book author)

U - Unicorns

V - Valentine's day

W- washi rolls, Watermelon

Y- yellow

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