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Well, I sent two surprises and received negative ratings for each; my account is temporarily disabled from sending any more. I'm upset about this because I honestly sent items that I thought both partners would like based on their profiles. This has given me a poor opinion of this site and the people who participate. The site should update their "Send a surprise" page to strongly suggest sending EXACTLY what people ask for, not to "Send anything you want. It's sender's choice." I sent items related to my partners' profiles and look where that got me. Any deviation results in negative ratings. If you are sending to me, don't worry, I will register your surprises. I'm not sure if I'll be sending any more out though.

Hello! I am in my 30s, married, and have a 9-year-old son. He goes to a city public school and I volunteer there for various Parent Teacher Association events and also manage the school's garden. I am an artist, but not a professional one. Each year I try to have work exhibited in at least one group show and have a solo show (usually at my local library) about every other year. My main interests/activities aside from art and gardening are reading, cooking/baking, playing board games, walking/running if I'm training for a race, sending mail, and adding to my collections. :p Climbing, camping, and traveling/doing research on places to visit are great too, but I don't get to as often. This site seems pretty neat, but it's a shame that there aren't more active members... I also recently joined the 25 Stamps Club as well.

What should you send me? That's up to you of course, but in case you need ideas, here are some:

- used postage stamps: In general I prefer more recent, colorful ones. There are a lot of themes that I like, but my favorite ones are fruits, vegetables, baked goods/desserts, botanical (flowers and trees), cats, owls, and colorful illustrations. I'd be happy to give you more ideas if you need them... it's a long list!
- paper items that are older/vintage with an image or pattern like playing cards with an interesting picture on the backs, wallpaper, gift wrap, cards (I sometimes use them in my art.)
- mail-related items, e.g. air mail envelopes or labels
- your favorite art supply item to work with if you're an artist
- pictures you took of murals or street art in your city: Please tell me where the photo was taken and say something about the piece if you know anything about it, like the artist who painted it or the title and year.
- a picture you took of a mail(post)box in your country
- a postcard from where you live (Please tell me about your city/town, what you like to eat or some examples of local authentic dishes, what you like to do there or where tourists normally go.)
- a note or letter (including information about where you live, local food, things to do)
- *Anything you think I will like based on my interests and this list!*

Thank you!
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