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Country: Singapore
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Hello! I am Naomi from Singapore and I travel often. I recently got married in April this year and I am usually traveling around the world during my free time. You see, my occupation does not really allow me to travel much as I am a nurse but at the same time, it allows me to travel to different countries because I get to transport my patients to their own countries. Irony isn't it.

Nursing is a love and hate relationship. Somedays I just love my job. Somedays I just hate it to the core. But mostly, I love what I am doing for the people and I enjoy helping my patients. This is something new that I am trying out and I hope the surprises make my dull day go away.

Things that I would actually appreciate from different countries:
tea bags
cute postcards
cat stickers
minion stickers
cute pens
small letter papers with envelopes
xbox CD games? if you don't want-for my husband mainly

or whatever you feel like sending to me.

Please don't send me nudes or my husband will kill me. haha....
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