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Country: Russia
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Hello! I'm Anna. I'm 24 years old.

I found this site by an accident. It's already such a lovely surprise for me and can't wait to see more surprises.

I used to be a postcrosser but now I just exchange letters with my friends. And hope I'll meet new ones here :)

I like nature and everything connected with it. So the ideal way to take a rest for me is walking in a park, reading a book there or having a picnic.

I'm not a bookworm but if I like a book, I can't stop reading the one.

Asian culture seems very interesting to me. It's like a special world for me. I love the way as Japanese language sounds and am crazy about Korean cuisine. Actualy, I like all spicy food so I dream to taste Mexican and Chinese ones too.

I think each place, person and story is special.
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