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Country: Italy
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish

Member since: 21 March 2018
Last activity: 18 August 2018
I love steampunk, magic, esotericism, gothic, dark. I love the night, the gloomy atmosphere, the rain, the cemeteries, the crosses, but also the sun, the summer, the nature in bloom, the woods and the ponds. My favorite colors are black and purple, but also gray, bright pink, turquoise and aquamarine. I love the world of fairies, gnomes and goblins. I love the history of Versailles, the Addams Family, Lady Oscar (Versailles No Bara), Monster High, Gorjuss and for me it's Halloween all year. I love candles and incense, wood, meditation, ethnic, African colors and sounds. I love technology, photography, the sea and the ocean, walking barefoot, dogs, black cats, flamingos, wildflowers. I love scrapbooking, pocket letter, happy mail, swap, mail art, penpal's book, calligraphy, lettering. creative sewing, nail art, drawing, writing, decorating anything. Reading and writing. I love everything that is stationery, diaries, planners, notebooks, pens and pencils. I love coffee, chocolate, tea and infusions, all that is citrus and tropical, like color, taste and smell. I love cooking, I prefer bio and fair trade. I love Harry Potter. I'm a fan of David Bowie, Lou Reed, Pink Floyd, Cypress Hill, Manu Chao, Mozart ...
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