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Country: Poland
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Hello !
My name is Mateusz (Matthew). I currently work in the museum of local history, which is located in a beautiful, medieval castle, built in the XIV th century. So you can imagine that I'm one of the few people that actually enjoy going to work :-) I'm a big fan of books, history, geography, foreign languages, art, wine and coffee. I'm a dedicated collector of everything that has that specific scent of history - so I gather mostly stamps, coins, paper money, old books, maps, postcards and other things that people usually call "...old, useless garbage, you actually paid for it ?! Don't you wanna have, I dunno, a better car, or an Iphone instead?" :-)
It's very difficult for me to give specific descriptions of what I would like to get - it's because I love being surprised :-D Seriously though, I find the very idea of exchanging things with random people from the whole world for so fascinating, that I don't dare making any wishes :-D Anything what comes into your mind will be great :-) But there's that one thing I care about the most - a text written by You ! I've got no idea if that's frowned upon or not, but I'll unbelievably happy and grateful and satisfied if you could write something in your native language and add an english translation to it (if your native language isn't already English of course ;)
I wish you a great day :-)
Thank you!
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