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Profile Daniela_P
Surprises sent: 2
Surprises received: 2
Surprises in progress: 1

Country: Belarus
Languages: Russian, English, Ukranian

Member since: 01 December 2019
Last activity: 11 February 2020
Hello friends!
My name is Daniela, I'm 14 years old. I am from Belarus. I love traveling, cooking, diamond painting. Also, I really like to do beautiful things, crafts, scrapbooking. I have a dog Bonya breed Yorkshire Terrier. We love to play together! I participate in postcrossing.
I love:
-tickets for transport / cinema / museum / theater / or another ticket for something,
-beautiful writing paper,
-A tea bag,
- various scrapbooking elements,
- decorative tapes,
-beautiful cuttings from cardboard or something else.
I always try to please a person with investments in an envelope. If it’s not difficult for you, write a little about yourself on a separate piece of paper and indicate the weather. Many thanks! I will wait for your surprise! All the best, Daniela.
Last 10 surprises sent
06 January 2020
25 January 2020
19 days
01 December 2019
16 December 2019
14 days
Last 10 surprises received
United States of America
25 January 2020
08 February 2020
13 days
18 December 2019
06 January 2020
18 days
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