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Profile AloysiaCauchy
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Country: Slovakia
Languages: English, Russian, Italian

Member since: 19 August 2020
Last activity: 20 September 2020
** ABOUT ME **

My name's Beata and I'm 39 years old. I'm from Slovakia, a nice small country in Central Europe. I am a Christian Catholic and I'm very grateful for the faith. I work at a university, doing research and teaching maths.

I love books, in my free time I enjoy reading, esp. books about my faith, many children books and sometimes classics. I like listening to music (my favourites are classical music and Gregorian chants which sound like a music from heaven!) and also playing the piano. I'm fond of snail mail (written & stamped postcards, letters, travelling notebooks). I like taking photos (esp. black & white and landscapes, but recently also city monuments and randomness around me) and watching a DVD once in a while (most of my collection consists of older - such as from the time of my childhood - cartoons).


Postcards related to any of my interests the above are welcomed, as well as postcards showing something from your country. Or other nice cards - there are so many of them, aren't there? ;)

If sending a touristic postcard or some other card related to your country, please send them written. But any others with a written message are very welcomed too, it's you text which makes a card unique! If unwritten (and not country specific), I might use to to mail it myself, in a journal, etc. - they'll will be well used!

When writing a message, please also date the card (just month & year is ok)


In general, I prefer things that can be used, instead of just kept.

Some ideas are stationery, washi tape samples, items to use in journalling, magazine clippings (such as pictures of flowers, wild animals, nature, drawings from a children magazine - not celebrities, please), ... but you'll definitely come up with more ideas ;)


Please, do not send nudity, sexual themes etc.


I speak also Russian and Italian, and I'm always happy to get a message in these languages (or to use them).

If your native language is any Slavic language or Italian, I'll be happy to receive the card written in your language. I haven't studied them but I should understand, just (try to) write legibly ;)

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