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Profile Aanusha
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Country: United Kingdom
Languages: English, Hindi, Bengali, beginners' Polish

Member since: 04 September 2018
Last activity: 15 February 2019
I'm a 28 year old Indian girl, living and working in UK as a linguist (if you use Amazon Alexa, you've probably used a voice I built).

If you're good at art, please feel free to send me something fun you've made yourself! ^_^

Random stuff I like: Studio Ghibli, the Little Prince, Cardcaptor Sakura, Doctor Who, Sherlock, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones. Stickers, tattoos, stationery, handmade paper, kawaii stationary.

My CCS blog:

Birthday: 19th November 1990

Countries I've visited: Nepal, Bhutan, Poland, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Belgium.

Countries I want to visit: Japan, UK, Taiwan, Vietnam, USA, Egypt, Georgia, Mali

What you can send me: If the place you live in has something really unique (and small enough to be mailed in an envelope) something that represents that place, no matter what it is, you can mail it to me. =) Postcards too. I would also love if you could send me something you've come up with yourself... Maybe a small handmade card, or a picture you drew yourself. But best of all, I'd like a letter telling me stuff like what you do, what things you like, the kind of place you live in, and the kind of people there are around you.=)

P.S: I really like washi tapes, so if you have interesting ones, you can send me some :)
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